Established in 1997, Control Overload Pty Ltd is a specialist provider of high performance
engineered solutions in the following areas:

  • Industrial Weighing & Force Measurement
  • Servo-Hydraulic and Positioning control systems
  • Flow measurement & control
  • Dry Material feeding & control systems

We have supplied and continue to support equipment supplied into installations such as:

  • Flask Weigh systems in deep underground mines.
  • Weigh systems for ship unloading hoppers
  • Pulsation dampers for Oil & Gas applications on-shore/offshore on exploration and production platforms.
  • High performance agitated vessel and reactor weigh systems in Hazardous Areas.
  • Mixer weigh systems in the Food industry
  • Continuous Loss-In-Weight blending systems on dry materials.
  • Web tension measurement systems in paper mills.
  • Crane overload systems in the metal production industry.
We operate and provide full back-up and service to equipment supplied Australia wide and overseas as required.